Nicola J. Burrmann

Credentials: Ph.D.

Nikki Burrmann

Nikki Burrmann received her B.S. in chemistry in 2005 from Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During her sophomore and junior years at WLC, she investigated binary and ternary phase diagram systems under the direction of Dr. Keith Beyer. In the summer following her junior year, Nikki worked with Dr. Robert Hamers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There, she studied binding conditions for reactions on silicon surfaces and worked on the development of a group lithography procedure. Finally, during her senior year at WLC, Nikki worked with Dr. Kevin Glaeske on the synthesis of ,-disubstituted glycine derivatives from an azide precursor and a metal catalyst. Her research involved the synthesis, matrix-isolation spectroscopy, and computational aspects of RC3R’ and RC5R’ carbenes (R, R’ = H, Me, t-Bu, Ph, TMS) for Dr. Robert McMahon. She developed a web-based stereochemistry tutorial for Dr. John Moore. During her free time, Nikki enjoys designing websites, cross-stitching, reading, and playing with her two cats. After earning her Ph.D., Nikki would like to have a career as an organic chemistry professor.