Samuel Wood

Credentials: Ph.D. Candidate

Position title: Joined 2017


Phone: (608) 262-0599

Chemistry Building, Room 6207

Sam Wood

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Samuel Wood received his B.S. from Iowa State University in 2016. While at ISU, Sam studied self-assembling organic radicals under the advisement of professor Arthur H. Winter. Since joining the group, Sam’s research has focused on heavy atom tunneling and synthesis of astrochemically relevant compounds. Outside of the lab, Sam enjoys yoga, camping, and cooking.

Recent Publication:

Nunes, C. M., Viegas, L. P., Wood, S. A., Roque, J. P. L., McMahon, R. J., Fausto, R. Heavy-Atom Tunneling Through Crossing Potential Energy Surfaces: Cyclization of a Triplet 2-Formylarylnitrene to a Singlet 2,1-Benzisoxazole. 2020, Ang. Chem. Int. Ed. 59, 17622-17627.  View Article